Competitive Me?

I’m not a competitive person. Well, that’s not completely true. I compete with myself to continue to become better at everything I do but I don’t find it fun to compete with other people. Growing up, I enjoyed activities that were basically individual but in a group setting (like dance and martial arts).  I enjoy lifting weights because I can do my own thing and only compete with myself. So, it’s not surprising that I’ve never really been drawn to races and or anything where I had to beat someone to the finish line. While this is true, it hasn’t prevented me from trying new things, like The Color Run!

The only event I was consistently involved with was the Lupus Loop in Philadelphia. My sister has Lupus (click here to read my post about that) and my mom was very involved in the Lupus Foundation of America and she helped organize the 5k each year, which meant we all got involved! We had always walked the loop and I did it to support my sister and raise money but never took it seriously, from a fitness standpoint. After many years of doing the loop we took a break. I recently got back into it,  joined a team,  and now I run it. I even try to beat my previous year time. Who would have thought?! My team is full of athletic people so I wanted to step up my game. 🙂 

The Color Run

My cousin was involved in Girls on the Run, which I just love, and I caught some of her enthusiasm about running 5k’s. 

We believe that every girl
can embrace who she is,
can define who she wants to be,
can rise to any challenge,
can change the world.

(Quoted from


She mentioned wanting to do the Color Run so I checked out their website. I found out that they want to “promote health and happiness by bringing the community together”. How great is that?! This is purely about having fun and getting healthy so the race is not timed and a lot of first-time 5kers do this run for that reason, which is so awesome! I became all about this race once I learned about their mission and getting pelted with a rainbow of color was icing on the cake. 

My aunt formed a team of myself, her boyfriend, and my cousin and we all ran it together.  My aunt got us all white t-shirts and sunglasses with a rainbow tint to them. So fun! Once we signed in, we got a whole bunch of rainbow stuff that we immediately put on so we’d be even more festive. 

Rainbow glasses!

Rainbow glasses for the Color Run!

Tattoos and headband :)

Tattoo and headband 🙂

So, now I know why it’s called “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”! It really was a lot of fun. My cousin and I giggled at what some of the people wore (like guys in tutus), took mental notes about what to wear next time (neon knee-socks), laughed going through a sea of bubbles, and just enjoyed getting doused in a rainbow of colors! 

My cousin, aunt, and I!

My cousin, aunt, and I after the Color Run!



Another after!

Another after!

These pictures don’t do justice on how dirty I was. Hot tip: bring a towel for the car ride home! I was surprised at the places I found powder when I got home to clean up hahaha 🙂

My cousin and I! #Divas

My cousin and I! #Divas

Now I’m hooked. I plan on doing this every year.  We’re already signed up for the Nighttime Color Run this October. Stay tuned! If you’ve never done it before, are nervous about races, and aren’t a “runner” I think you should give this a try. I’m not a runner either. This was all about fun and I’m so glad I did it.

Stay colorful and fabulous! xoxoxo


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