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Was “buffet” the first word that came to your mind?  Before we went, everyone told us about them and said they were good so I felt like we kinda had to try one. I’m not a huge buffet person so this wasn’t something on the top of my “to-do” list while in Vegas. Having said that, trying some delicious restaurants WAS at the top of my list! So, here is part of my food adventure. 


This was our first stop. When I met Caleb and Will for the first time we decided to eat here together for lunch. We all agreed that it was delicious. The hubs said it was the best gumbo he’s had anywhere (and he orders it whenever it’s on the menu). I ordered the Atlantic Salmonwhich had sautéed snap peas and heirloom tomatoes. It was really really good. We went back a few days later and I tried a Po Boy Sandwich and I have to say that I was underwhelmed. I would definitely order the salmon again though!

My yummy salmon!

My yummy salmon!

Emeril's in the MGM Grand

Emeril’s in the MGM Grand

Shibuya Japanese Restaurant

The hubs loves all things Japanese so we had to try this place. Once again, we had a great meal. Truth: I am cheap. Really cheap. Buying my new car nearly gave me a heart attack. The prices in Vegas also nearly gave me a heart attack. So I cheaped out on this meal and ordered edamame and a spicy tuna roll. My roll is on the bottom left. Those two pink blobs are “Oh Toro” (Otoro) which is the oily belly of the tuna and is, apparently, a “must-try” for sushi lovers. The price of those two rolls did give me a heart attack but the hubs said they were amazing. They better be.

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Corner Cakes

We spent one evening walking the Vegas strip to see how it looked at night. The strip is a lot longer than it seems and I was exhausted by the time we made it back to the MGM Grand. I was also desserty. We passed by this super-inviting place on our way back inside and decided to see what kind of goodies they sold. The cupcakes were the first things that caught my eye so that is what I went for. It was a tough decision but this beauty was the one I chose.

I don't remember the name but I do remember that it was all chocolate. And I didn't get any of it on the white comforter. ;)

I don’t remember the name but I do remember that it was all chocolate. And I didn’t get any of it on the white comforter. 😉

How cute is this? Pic from www.

How cute is this?
Pic from www.

Grand Wok and Sushi Bar

Will, Caleb, the hubs, and I went here for dinner before a Cirq du Soleil show. Everyone enjoyed their meal here too. Hubs tried the spicy tuna roll and loved it. I tried a piece and it was the best spicy tuna I’ve ever had (including the roll from the Japanese restaurant). He also got the Tom Yum Noodle Soup and even through teary-eyes from the spice level (which he requested), he said it was awesome. I ordered Poached Free-Range Chicken with a Ginger-Onion Sauce. It came with the skin on so it took me a while to eat it because I had to take the skin off. It was delicious though.

My dinner

My dinner

Always working ;)

Always working 😉

Fiamma Trattoria and Bar

This Italian restaurant was a place I would go back to in a heartbeat. Sometimes I am hesitant to go to an Italian place because the portions are huge but the portions here were perfect. I chose the Artichoke Leaves Pasta which had  lemon thyme lamb meatballs, braised artichokes, four cheese sauce, and orecchiette pasta (total indulgence) Yum!! The hubs got Penne Arrabbiata which was penne pasta, spicy pomodoro sauce, and prawns. He loved his as well. I took pictures of the food but the place was too dimly lit and they did not turn out very well.

Pic from

Pic from

MGM Grand Buffet

Yep, I did it. I went to the buffet. Will and I needed someplace quick to eat between training workshops and this had the shortest wait-time. We went for lunch so it was pretty inexpensive and the food was just ok. This was the one and only time I went to a buffet in Vegas so I didn’t have a chance to see if their dinner selection was any better.

Roast chicken, fruit, jicama salad, and roasted root veggies.

Roast chicken, fruit, jicama salad, and roasted root veggies.

Hecho en Vegas Mexican Grill and Cantina

The hubs also loves Mexican food. I think more than Japanese food. He could eat Mexican food every day and not get tired of it. Not me. I have to be in the mood for it. My problem with it is that it’s so heavy and I feel like I have a brick in my belly. Plus they serve chips and salsa before you even order anything and they are just so hard to resist. Because of the food smothered in cheese or sauce, I usually order salmon and then I feel like, what’s the point in eating at a Mexican restaurant when I’m ordering salmon? Anyway…we tried this place for dinner and it was really good. I would eat here again as well. I wish this place was the Mexican place I could go to around my house. I ordered a simple shrimp salad and loved every bite. And yes, I had some chips and salsa too.

I asked for the dressing on the side but it came mixed in. No biggie though.

I asked for the dressing on the side but it came mixed in. No biggie though.

Avenue Cafe

We ate here twice for breakfast and both times I ordered omelets and both times I enjoyed them. They came with hash browns that were really greasy so I only had a few bites. I took a picture of the menu because they sold Shakeology shakes!! I drink one every day and since it’s a Beachbody product and I was here for a Beachbody event, I got a kick out of it. 🙂

I'll take one delicious meal-in-a-glass thanks

I’ll take one delicious meal-in-a-glass thanks

When you're only open for breakfast and lunch, you need a bar, right??

When you’re only open for breakfast and lunch, you need a bar, right??

My California Omelet

My California Omelet

All in all, I can’t say that I had a bad meal in Vegas. All these restaurants were right in the MGM Grand, which was convenient. We did check out two other delicious places in Paris but you’ll hear more about that in another post.

In case you missed the first post…

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In the meantime, eat some fabulous food! xoxo


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