For you fellow bloggers out there- you know when you have a blog idea but your thoughts about it just seem jumbled and you’re not really sure how to piece it all together? That’s been me for the past two months. I hate to let so much time go by between posts because I’m stuck on one idea and don’t know how to express it. How do you deal with that? Any advice is welcome!! 

I recently got home from a trip to Las Vegas! It started out as a business trip but because my husband and I had never been there we also spent some extra days as a mini-vacation. The business part of my trip was for Beachbody. In my post, Following My FeetI told you about my decision to become a Beachbody coach and in, What is Beachbody?I told you about the company. They hold a yearly Summit in Vegas and when I signed up as a coach, I immediately registered for this 3-day event because my gut told me it was something I needed to attend. The more I learned about the business from other coaches, the more I realized I had made the right decision. Two fellow coaches were also going to be there and I was so excited to finally meet them!

He's pretty awesome. He's the one that saw something in me and asked me to be a coach.

This is Will. He’s pretty awesome. He’s the one that saw something in me and asked me to be a coach.

Caleb and I. He's also pretty awesome!

Caleb and I. He is just so motivating and positive. 

P.S.- Caleb makes the best YouTube videos! Click here to see his page. 

Each year they have a theme and this year’s theme was “Never Give Up.” 


We had 3 General Sessions at the start of each day to listen to Keynote Speakers, among other things. As I was sitting in the nosebleed section of the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM during our first session, my thoughts about this post all came together. 

During that first session, I could already tell that the next 3 days were going to be emotional and really take me out of my social-comfort zone (because there were 9,000 coaches there and I only knew two hahaha). As the different Beachbody execs were talking about the theme and how it related to them, my thoughts were about how it related to me. I began thinking about my Aunt Donna. She unexpectedly passed away on April 10th. It was a devastating loss to everyone who knew and loved her. I can’t think of anyone who embodied this theme more than her. 


At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and was given a life-expectancy of 25. Her “never give up” attitude and philosophy helped her live to be 65, making her one of the oldest surviving Marfan’s patients. While this disease gave her perimeters, she did not let it define her or rule her life.  She endured eye surgery at a young age to prevent blindess and 3 open-heart surgeries. Her brother and sister-in-law nicknamed the second surgery, the “50/50” because only 10 people had been through that procedure and only five of them survived. Aunt Donna was the 6th. Her last surgery was on April 1 and she had it done by her “second-opinion” surgeon because her regular heart surgeon wouldn’t do it because of the high amount of risks.  Not only did the surgery go incredibly well, but she came home after 5 days of being in the hospital. The doctor didn’t even realize how bad off she was until he began the surgery and was surprised she was still alive. But, he fixed everything. 

Nobody knows why she passed away. All we know is that her last day was spent in her home, with her dogs (which were her children), with a close friend, and having her favorite ice cream after dinner. 

As a result of open-heart surgery, she could not lift anything above 10 lbs. She loved dogs and always got small ones that she would be able to pick up, if needed. Think of all the things you lift throughout your day…I’ll bet that most of it is above 10 lbs. While her eyesight was restored, it wasn’t great so she was unable to drive at night. Neither of these issues stopped her from doing what she wanted to do. She didn’t let them. She just found a way around it. 

She was said to have collected friends the way people collect things. She made friends all over the world because of all the traveling she did. I didn’t realize the extent of her reach until I read the messages in the guest book of her obituary. Her friends were family to her and I feel honored and privileged to be considered family. She touched everyone she met.

Holding a sled-dog puppy in Alaska, during her last time traveling.

Holding a sled-dog puppy in Alaska, during her last time traveling.

There are so many wonderful things to say about her but I feel like my words just won’t do her justice. We were so close and sometimes I feel pretty lost when I remember that I can’t talk to her or visit anymore. I would usually see her about once a year and the last time was for a week last summer at her house. I am so very grateful for that trip. She referred to herself as a “pretend aunt” because she was not related by blood. There was certainly nothing pretend about her. She’d known my parents since before I was born and I’ve just grown up having Aunt Donna as a member of the family. It’s still hard to think about her and no tear up. It doesn’t always feel real. There are times that I’ll want to call her or email her and then I remember that I can’t. She was such an important person in my life and I think the best way I can keep her alive in my heart is to live the way she did. Fearlessly. Driven. Gracefully. Clumsily. Resourceful. Humorous. Encouraging. And never ever giving up. 

With my sister and I. Can you pick me out?

With my sister and I. Can you pick me out?

The best apron.

The best apron


It looked better on her 🙂

I've always wanted to be like her.

I’ve always wanted to be like her.

You all have dreams and goals. Find your fabulous reason to never give up on them! xoxoxo


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