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On Sunday, April 27th I added a Punk Rope certification to my fitness resume! A social media friend posted about taking a class in New York and I immediately asked, “what is that?” He said it was a really fun fitness class that jumped rope. My interest was piqued so I checked out their website and I knew I had to get certified! 

According to their website,, punk rope is:

“… a mash-up of recess and boot camp, which improves stamina, strength, agility, coordination, balance, rhythm, and timing. Each class blends raise-the-roof music with creative calisthenics, fitness games, and rope jumping. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice how hard you’re working. And while Punk Rope is a challenging workout, it can be easily modified to accommodate exercisers of most fitness levels.”

Recess, games, jumping rope, and music?! Yes please! I was so excited to attend the workshop even though I didn’t really know what to expect but I went in with an open-mind and decided to make the most out of whatever experience it turned out to be.

Well, it turned out to be awesome! It was a long day (9 AM- 4PM)  but it went by very fast. There was a small group of us, which I kind of liked because I tend to feel overwhelmed in big groups where I don’t know anyone. The morning consisted of learning the proper way to hold a rope, mechanics of the jump, and different kinds of jumps. All of this was done to a really fun mix of music. We took a break for lunch where I was able to chat with a girl from the class. We were the only two non-members of the Y the workshop was held at so we kind of hit it off from the beginning.  

After lunch we sat and chatted with the creator of Punk Rope, Tim Haft, and his partner Shana Brady about how this workout began, the philosophy behind it, and asked questions. 3 main goals of Punk Rope are to:

1) Build Community by using teamwork and social interactions. The class alternates between jumping rope and fun drills and games done with a partner or the whole class. 

2) Promote Play through interacting in a “kinder, friendlier, and peaceful manner.” Tim feels that play engages our mind and helps us become more creative. I love this!! I’m not a competitive person so I like that there is a competitive element where everyone is cheering each other on!

3) Celebrate Music by playing a wide variety, recognizing musicians, and promoting new and local bands. How many of you listen to music while you workout? Or take a spin class? Or Soul Cycle? Or boot camp? Or Zumba? The list can go on. Punk Rope classes are themed and music is chosen to support that theme. 

Once our lunches had digested, Tim and Shana put us through a class and the theme was “International Music” since International Music Day was that next week. We sampled music from “Watch My Feet” to “Disco Inferno” to the “Can Can.” The class is not 55 minutes of jumping rope…thank goodness! It is broken up into jumps, drills (solo or partner), games, and active recovery. Those 55 minutes flew by and I don’t think I stopped smiling even though I was left in a pool of sweat. 

My partner and I mid-jump during one of the drills :)

My partner and I mid-jump during one of the drills 🙂

The end of the workshop consisted of us going through some solo, partner, and class drills and games which really did feel like recess! Tim and Shana were wonderful and very nice. They are both certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and have different fitness backgrounds but are both so knowledgeable. I loved their laid-back attitude and feeling that fitness should be fun. They want Punk Rope to be for everyone, especially those that got picked last in gym class (like me). 

So, my next step is to ask around local gyms and start a class of my own! I hope to see you there 🙂

Stay fabulous! xoxo

My super-fun rope!

My super-fun rope!


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