Channeling Jane Fonda


First, I just want to say that I’m sitting on my deck, looking at my newly planted flowers, drinking coffee out of my Harry Potter mug (and let’s face it, that’s the only way to drink coffee), listening to the birds chirp, feeling the light breeze, and loving that I am able to spend my afternoon blogging out here. 

Today is one of my “off” days so I didn’t have to be up at 5 for work! Win! But I was up at 5 anyway and it was completely voluntary! I decided to get back into the world of fitness classes and spin was one that I enjoyed so I’ve been doing that when I can. Several months ago I was doing P90X3 and got about halfway through when I had to stop. At first, I was crazy busy and got behind on the workouts. I was really annoyed that I had to stop because I liked the program and was feeling so strong and making so many gains that I didn’t want to lose. Finally my schedule calmed its shit and I was able to start-up again. Win! Then I got hit with a muscle-spasm. Fail. I put off going to the doctor for two weeks because I kept hoping that rest alone would make it go away. Not so much. Between the pain and lack of sleep because of the pain, I couldn’t exercise. So, I finally went to the doctor to get some medicine. The muscle-relaxer worked almost immediately and I was feeling so much better because the pain was gone and I could actually get some sleep at night. Ok, so now I’m ready to get back into X3. Not so much. A family situation came up and that knocked me on my ass for all of April. I did a whole lot of nothing.

I started to get back to my old self and was ready to start exercising when my back spasmed once again. I was at the doctor for a routine checkup and I brought up the spasms. She said there could be many reasons as to why it was happening but she thinks I’m holding all my stress and tension in my upper back/neck/shoulder area and any little thing could be setting it off. So she ordered some physical therapy and I scheduled my first appointment for later this week. I’ve been really conscious about keeping my upper body relaxed and I’m hoping the therapy will help as well. 

I’ve decided to avoid weight-lifting until my back is taken care of because every time I do, I spasm and then am out of commission. I don’t want to continue to be completely inactive so that’s why I decided to go back to fitness classes (a la Jane Fonda) . They are cardio-based/ lower-impact and it will help me improve my endurance so to me, it’s a win-win solution. 

The first class I took was called “Body Works.” It was an hour of light weight (2.5-7 lbs) exercises that hit all major muscle groups alternated with cardio movements. I took that with a friend from my tap class and had fun. It was nice to do a group class with someone I knew so I’ll go to that as often as I can. The second class I took was spin. I did this a couple of years ago but then stopped. I remembered liking it so I’m back at it! I love the intensity and fun/loud music. There seem to be a lot of “regulars” and they interact well with each other and the instructor so I’m hoping to become a regular too.

I kind of felt like a failure because I couldn’t exercise like I usually do so I asked myself what I would say to a client if he or she was in my position. I would tell them to do what they can and not stress over it! Any exercise is better than none and trying something new is rarely a bad thing 😉 

For now I am happy taking my classes, being with people, listening to music, and all while getting healthy. 

I'm sitting in one of these chairs and my feet are on the other as I write this!

I’m sitting in one of these chairs and my feet are on the other as I write this!

Sporting some P90X3 gear as I go to spin class :)

Sporting some P90X3 gear as I go to spin class 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay fabulous doing whatever kind of exercise you do!



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