I’ve wanted to write this blog for a couple of weeks but have been wrestling with how to approach this topic and whether or not I should even write it. After much thought and discussion with a trusted individual, I decided to go for it…with a little help from Katy Perry.

Busy Bee

Life has been pretty crazy for me these past few weeks. Fortunately, it’s a productive kind of busy so while, at times, I feel like a chicken without a head at least I know items are being checked of my never-ending “to do” list.

Downingtown Fall Fest 2013

This past Sunday, September 29th, was the Downingtown Fall Fest. This is an annual event presented by Victory Brewing Company. My husband and I have attended the past few years and have had a wonderful time. So many various local vendors come out so we are able to sample food from restaurants and food trucks, as…