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In case you didn’t know, although you should know by following me on Twitter (@TheFitDiva) and checking me out on Facebook.

I posted new videos on my YouTube page (!! Here’s what body parts you get to see…Arms!!! I created a video of each exercise I performed during my bicep and tricep workout. I used supersets and paired a bicep exercise with a tricep exercise. I was somewhat limited on time and supersetting my workout really helped me move through the movements much quicker and still get a great workout!

BICEP/TRICEP WORKOUT-Feel free to steal 😉

1) 4 sets of: Hammer curls on the cables using the rope attachment/35lbs/ x10 reps into

Overhead tricep extension using the rope attachment/ 30lb/x10 reps

2) 4 sets of: Cable curls using the straight bar attachment/30lb/x10 reps into

Cable tricep kickback with no attachment (just held the ball)/ 5lb/x12 reps

3) 4 sets of: Cable one-arm high curls with handle attachment/12.5lb/x12 reps into

Cable tricep press down using straight bar attachment/35lb/x12 reps

4) Freemotion Bicep Machine( I love this because each arm uses it’s own cable)/20lb/4 sets/12 reps

5) Tricep Press Machine/80lb/4 sets/1o reps



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